Aug 1, 2008

Kreb 8/1 Race

Last weeks race was kinda boring, so I didn't have anything to write about. This week all the big guns showed up, so I knew something would happen. It's been a pretty hard week, but my legs felt good and I was in a real mood to race. There were a few attacks and Zaverdas Sr took the first prime, but nothing really happened until we started lapping the B's. Brian went to the front and drilled it. I hung onto his wheel and when I looked back we were clear. It was a good mix in the break: Charlie, me, the brothers Wolff, Zaverdas Jr, and some other strong guys. If we worked together, there would be enough people blocking for us to stay away. Brian was pulling through like a madman. I couldn't tell if he was intentionally turning the screws or if he just wanted to push the pace, but every time he pulled through I was on the rivet. As we tried to stay away, the pace kept getting higher and higher and I felt like i was ready to....

*pop* *hissss* *wobble wobble wobble* My tire blew before I could find out how far I'd make it.

Funny thing is, I knew this tire was in rough shape and I was gonna replace it after this race. Oh well. The bitch of it was, I was on the far side of the course from my spare wheel, so it took more than my one free lap to go get it.

Once I got the new wheel, I jumped in with the chase groupe. At this point it was pretty obvious the break was gonna stick, so everyone was taking it (relatively) easy. I took some pulls to have a little fun and get a workout in.

In the end, the break was shelled down to four riders. Charlie took the sprint over Brian, which is pretty cool.

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