Aug 13, 2008

Busy Busy

Eppen's bored at work, so I need to write something entertaining. It seems like everyone runs out of bloggin juice this time of year. I think its hard to keep interested in something (even as awesome as cycling) all year long.

Work at school finally picked up and the Jago's were in town; I've spent the last week running all over the place. They'd never to NY before, so there was a lot of sight seeing involved.

We rode the Staten Island Ferry to see Ms Liberty

We walked through Times Square

... and got rained on in Times Square.

The next day I went to another Kreb race. I wasn't sure how my legs would feel after two days of zero biking and one day of walking all over the city, but it was worth a shot. Impending rain limited the field size, but all the big guns showed up anyway. Sure enough, attacks opened up after a few laps. Finally, everyone slowed a bit and Joe Z started going hard. I kicked to follow him and we got separation. He pulled like a horse for a whole lap then waved me through. I kept it going a half mile and then he took over again. When I pulled through again, I could tell I didn't have it. I sat on his wheel, taking soft pulls and trying to recover enough to make it to the end, but he dropped me after a few laps. As soon as the chase group caught me, there was a counter that I couldn't follow. Now it was me a half dozen guys and I knew we weren't going to catch the leaders. We rode out the remainder of the race like that. Why don't my legs like it when I take the day before a race off?

The next day we went to the beach, which was a blast. I've only been twice now this summer and its something I ought to do more.

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