Aug 2, 2009

Cadence number 6

6th round of the Cadence Cup. Larry's still leading Polka Dots and Pink (whats with the womens clothing for leaders?). I was a few points out of Green, so my mission for the day was winning both sprints and helping Larry when I could.

The sprints went alright. I snagged the first one with a little effort. They rang the bell again a lap later and it was time to work again. John helped me out both times, but I was caught a little flat footed the second time around and was runner up. First and second gave me 5 more points, enough to get past the current leader with 8 points, but someone got 3 more points and was able to sneak past both of us. So, no green jersey's for me.

After that it was help out Larry time. He got pretty good leadouts for both KOMs and now he has first place in the bag. In the final sprint he was boxed out and too far back for any points. Luckily, second place in the GC didn't get any points either, but Larry's got a really slim lead going into next week and is going to need a good result to finish in the top spot.

The cat 4's were especially excitable. In addition to the usually yelling and hand waving, on the final lap I heard guys yelling out "hold your line in the turn" and "don't cut me off". Um, what? This is bike racing. The whole point of the race is to finish ahead of you. If I have the skills to take your spot in the field, without causing a crash, I'm going to. If you don't like fighting for a wheel, enter a time trial.

Waiting for the start

Sprinting for green points.

Leading Larry for polka dots.

This guy was doing laps while we were racing. If you look closely, you'll see an electric assist like we used to install at Edina Bike.

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